Monday, January 28, 2008

Return of the Sith

So after a sweet weekend of Babysitting my awesome niece, Paul Oakenfold, and a shabbas cinema event of star wars and random TLC medical insanity (the tree man made me sad/leak bile) shows i am officially ready to retire and put this weekend on repeat forever. Didnt accomplish much, freak didnt really do much but how come it was one of the best weekends ever?? i think more than anything i love hearing Gwen talk (and have it actually make sense) and just hanging out with the weasel. I cant wait until she's old enough to travel without a carseat and actually speak in logical sentences (bird-fly-gone is adorable but any pure blood romulan would barf upon hearing that) But the Star Wars hit the spot....frickin sweet. How do people really come up with those idea's. I mean i'm a freakin nerd but george lucas, Tolkien, and the Harry Potter Lady take the cake when it comes to ultimate nerdhood. And i'm not bashing at all, its nuts that they wrote those long books from made up stuff but then people made them into badass movies that were actually good. mad props to those fools for making my life that much better. Anyways I just wanted to report how kickass my weekend was. Peace out amigos. oh and just a side note........i miss my brothers. especially Jared. In case you dont know my brothers are pretty much my heroes and the coolest guys I know, even the eccentric-hippie one.

Monday, January 7, 2008

F'in F that.

Soooooo Yeah I aint too sure I like the holidays anymore, too much stress, crowded places, and running around...... arent breaks supposed to be relaxing??? I must say I really enjoyed my time at home and especially getting to see Jared, its been to long and sometimes I forget how funny my brothers are. Speaking of my brothers, its official, they really are my best friends, yeah retardedly cheesy but oh well. They frickin rule and make my life a billion times better and fill it with chaos & mayhem. Nate is a funny little freak and Jared has mellowed out in his old age. Bug is like unto "the dude" (in a good way), and morg, for those that know him you know what i mean. Life with out those guys would be lame and pretty boring. Although ultimate insanity happens whenever the stanley men get together (especially if board games are involved)....throw in a barnhart to stir the pot and its almost a gurantee that punches and insults (and sometimes dice) will fly...but you know what?? I wouldnt have it any other way. I love my family!!!!! and to anyone that doesnt like one of my brothers congrats I am now your worst frickin enemy forever.