Monday, January 7, 2008

F'in F that.

Soooooo Yeah I aint too sure I like the holidays anymore, too much stress, crowded places, and running around...... arent breaks supposed to be relaxing??? I must say I really enjoyed my time at home and especially getting to see Jared, its been to long and sometimes I forget how funny my brothers are. Speaking of my brothers, its official, they really are my best friends, yeah retardedly cheesy but oh well. They frickin rule and make my life a billion times better and fill it with chaos & mayhem. Nate is a funny little freak and Jared has mellowed out in his old age. Bug is like unto "the dude" (in a good way), and morg, for those that know him you know what i mean. Life with out those guys would be lame and pretty boring. Although ultimate insanity happens whenever the stanley men get together (especially if board games are involved)....throw in a barnhart to stir the pot and its almost a gurantee that punches and insults (and sometimes dice) will fly...but you know what?? I wouldnt have it any other way. I love my family!!!!! and to anyone that doesnt like one of my brothers congrats I am now your worst frickin enemy forever.

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