Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Day My Life Began

It was 1994 and I was anxiously fidgeting in the metrodome while people around me chatted, drank, passed drug paraphernalia, and talked about the upcoming event. My Dad, Brother, and Mom were with me and had promised this would be something I would remember forever..... That promise became a reality. In about thirty seconds my world was about to not only stand still but my mind was up for a complete overhaul and after this night things were never the same. When Pink Floyd took the stage the crowds roar shook the stadium and scared the shit out of me, it was my first concert ever and to this day was the biggest crowd i've ever seen. I'd grown up listening to my Dad's music on car trips and found that I liked the music and also the variety. My old man is pretty badass when it comes to music, he likes Zep, Floyd, Tull, and all the other classic rock but he also likes obscure music like Kitaro (awesome) Clannad, Alan parsons, etc... so I grew up with a wide range of music pouring into me (not to mention our annual drive from NY to Idaho was prime time to hit the whole playlist and hear his forays into other genres) But back to Floyd... As they started playing my mind merged with the music and I was brought back to all the trips, places, laughs, anger, and got to have a crazy (probably because of the "hazy" dude next to us) time reliving great childhood memories triggered by music that I never realized I loved. It was LATE when the show ended and to this day all I recall about the drive home was my mom saying how she felt "really weird" and my dad talking about second hand smoke.... But the next day when I woke up I felt different.... not in a homo wimpy way but I realized how much music matters. Music is my favorite past time, I literally could live alone forever and be a hermit if I was provided with an Ipod and access to the internet. Its the remedy for everything this life has to offer and can soothe butt-hurtedness, cool the angry giant, make you unsad, and really adjust your major malfunctions if you know what to listen to. It can take a dull night and make it insane (go see a live Crystal Method show and you'll know what i'm talking about) or calm the chaos of an active mind (Explosions in the Sky). Music lets me focus on anything i'm doing and its weird because I can easily shut out the rest of the world and just focus on the task at hand, it also lets me get away and allow time for either pondering/introspection or just letting my mind wander, yeah i know... i'm really weird. But music is my therapy, it can change my mood from pissed as hell to calm and collected in under a min... what else can do that (other than mind altering substances) So yeah I owe a lot to that one experience and am now bored with this topic. Bottom line is music makes the world go round, except for scream-o and uber heavy metal.... thats not music, it's just plain gay.


Shar said...

Every time I hear the Cure, I think of you. And us singing our little heads off.

Livi said...

You dad sounds like he has awesome music taste. I didn't know you made trips from NY to ID WHOA!

Anonymous said...

uber heavy metal = awesome

matt's party mix = gay

the red rainger