Monday, December 8, 2008

An Ode to Dayquil

Soooo I have felt like crap for about two solid weeks, I went home for thanksgiving and caught what felt like the flu (minus the vomitus) and returned to Utah just in time to catch a supersized cold..... Gross. I hate being sick more than anything (besides onions & venomous snakes) the whole achey/hot/cold, crazy nightmares, and being the master of mucus sucks. That and I don't have a wife or my mom around (or a girlfriend for that matter) to tend to my delicate state. BUT!!! I do have DVR.... and the best part is it doesnt talk back or tell me to quit being a wimp. It still can't make me chicken soup though. Anyways I went to see my married buddies Sat. Night and had a blast, I miss seeing those guys all the time. Plus they married cool girls so Its always a good time. Although I did have this nagging feeling like I was a gold card member trying to be cool by hanging out in the platinum lounge (b/c of my Sans Uxor status) Then on Sunday I went to P-town to see my brothers and have dinner at my Sister-in-laws parents. They are Thai/Indian..... Yan can't cook jack compared to them!! The curry was amazing (I had Bombay House friday night but the Pimsukal's was better) Soooo Overall it was a most excellent weekend if I subtract the nastified plague and assault on my mucus membranes. IT SNOWED TODAY!! finally!! Christmas isnt the same if there isnt snow, if I was a Californicator I'd sprinkle potatoe flakes all over my lawn if thats what it took... Also to end this epistle, They have finally captured the Butt-Bandit !!!! yeah... that guy is a freak..... but it's kinda funny too. Anyways yeah i'm going home now, I've got a score to settle with some invaders tryin to crash my crib (to be explained later)


Allyx and Dan said...

haha Matt. I'm glad to know your DVR doesn't talk back to you. (punk) it was so fun seeing you on sat! we have to play again soon. and you boys need another guys night! especially b/c that means i get a girls night filled with high school musical and edward. oh the joy. :)

Shar said...

I'm excited to see your pimped out basement. Hopefully we'll come up there soon! We miss you.

And who the hell is Musharraf? Did I drink too much and accidentally get married? Again?