Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Buddies

So this whole job/responsible adult crap sucks. Dave, Dan, and Ryan all took their stuff and women back up to Idaho without me..... I want to go too?!?!? but I can't..... or i'll lose my job, house, and kickass credit score. Once again responsibility and adulthood has ruined what could be a continuation of awesome times with awesome people (yes Steph's x 2, Allyx, MB, and Potterpants you are also included in that awesomeness) but for realz, I have some of the best friends ever..... let me make a list IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER OF AWESOMENESS of my favorite man friends of all time.

1. My brothers/parentals.... duh, we are "Sang Real"/Lords of Mann.

2. Jesse Glenn- Cousin/ Co-owner of a Telephone pole near R mountain...... long story

3. Dan "total" Moedl- Roomate/manlover

4. "Ninja" Dave Kulisch- Fellow "Historian" (we are experts on related yet different subjects)

5. "Ryno" Evans- The only man besides He-Man that looks good in a fur thong

6. "Commander Brandmo/Cosmo" Marcum- The dude that looked like the rest of us for a summer

7. "Todd the Penetrator" Youngberg- yeah, we were mean to scotty... but he made it so easy!! but some of the funniest crap i've ever heard came out of his face.

8. "LPG"- My brother..... need i say more?? "everyone are mean to him"

9. "Chintzy" Clark- Freakin crazy...... also my only pit fighter friend. His mom can cook.....

10. "Dave as well"- New to my list but nonetheless so far so good!

11. "San Juan"- The only person that would ever qualify me to be the Jesus of his religion... Married to the girl that bought me petrified dino-shite..... doesnt get much cooler than that....

12. Jesus- ummm he died for my sins... none of the other jerks on this list even offered to do any such thing.......

13. "Nasty" Navarro- My Cubaraguan brother from my oldschool days

14. Jeb- my triplet..... things were never the same when he entered my life and will never be the same since he passed away.... i miss him so bad....

15. Brad Pitt- For being so damn hot.

16. Dylan "spicwop" Izquierdo- too many crazy things happend when i met this guy, but some of the best times of my life.

17. Gerry Q- The only guy to ever get a Jewish kid to pray to God in Jesus's name to put out a fire.... insane story.....

18. Sharon- She's a chick but she's my cousin and one of my best friends..... don't be offended girls... she has my blood, thats the only she made the list.

19. God- Duh.... he made Earth. Also he gave us the technology via science to create Coca-Cola Classic , ho-ho's, red vines, and TV. Plus he's everyones real dad.

So yeah, those are the guys that I consider the most kickass people ever. If you havent met them, you probably shouldnt, except Jesus/God of course If you meet them put in a good word for me, but the rest are trouble.... duh, they are my friends. But I love'em and wouldnt be who I am without them. I'm seriously thinking about writing a book about my life and if I do you'll see these names (unless I have to do the whole name protection crap) come up lots cuz these were some of the main guys that can back up my crazy stories..... So yeah, I've got some great friends, and I miss the ones that are gone or live far away, but am grateful for the ones close by. This blog's for my homies.....


The Lord


RubyVillain said...

I totally had a kid sister. And now, I must burst out in song, or as much as one can burst out in song via keyboard.

"Kid sister, kid sister. Wherever I go, she's gonna go! Kid sister, kid sister. Kid sister and me!"

P.S. Is that picture of you? Adorable. Glad you have good friends. They are hard to beat.

Maribeth said...

"Todd the Penetrator" (not a fan of that name) Youngberg also married a BAD A that should get some cool points.

Scott said...

I'm proud of myself for making this list. The Penetrator works for me. I happen to be a man of ideals...and that is one of them. And my chick happens to be "bad a" because she married a cool....guy...not a wimpy little d bag.

And I bet Brandmo still looks like the rest of us. It's just that the rest of us don't look like the rest of us used to.

Shar said...

How sweet. I feel so honored.

You're on my top 20 list too Matt. Just below Ashton Kutcher but ABOVE Charlize Theron. Lucky you.

Love you cousin.

Whittney and Ryan said...

i am so happy you consider me as an awesome person and that you called me potterpants have not been called that in awhile, you are awesome! see you next weekend!!?!?!

melissa said...

WTF why am i not on this list? i hate you