Friday, January 30, 2009

The Greatest Movie Battles of All Time Part 1

Here's to war and glory........ I give you the best movie fights of all time (this is a list that will grow as I recall more epic conquests)
China vs Japan....this is ridiculous(LY AWESOME)
Hellz yeah whoever created this is amazing
Badass Dad 1 where do I buy one of those blue weapons??
Badass Dad 2 Anyone that has tomahawk skills is ok in my book
Hammatime crazy asian movie I saw on the sundance channel..... oldboy dominates
Who has the marbles to do this? Tyler Durden does....
Tom Cruise? every dog has its day man..... let Tom have his...
Eeeeyeah! (PART 2)Samurai's know how to lay it down.
Victorious insanity screaming like that after you've destroyed an English army... sexcellent.
Mortal Combat I seriously hate that wimpy fag on the stairs.... this was crazy
Speaking of Mortal Kombat sorry.... I had to do this....
Skin that smokewagon Billy Bob gets whats comin to him. Full of badass lines
Huckleberry Doc is the coolest dude with TB ever.
Knife chucking 101 Big trouble in little china rulez
Big Trouble Round 2 summary of battles
Bills Battle from the Kill Bill Movies (get ready, there will be a bunch)
Black Mamba vs Bill
Black Mamba vs California Mountain Snake
Black Mamba vs Copperhead
Black Mamba vs Gogo
Black Mamba vs Cottonmouth
Black Mamba vs Crazy 88's
Black Mamba vs Bud
Black Mamba & Pai Mei
Variety Pack
Excalibur Awesome old school movie
Gladiator The holy grail
CLASSIC I'm your effing father!!!
Bloodsport Remeber when Van Dam was awesome??
Rob Roy kills the Dainty Boy
Ok ok thats enough for now.... Future posts will contain more epic scenes, in the meantime check out the WORST FIGHT EVER! its so terrible it's almost good....


RubyVillain said...

I don't mind the occasional shanking or shoot 'em up movie, but lopped off limbs and heads does not do it for me. I guess I'm a girl in that respect. Glad you like it though. Everybody's got their something.

RubyVillain said...

...although I am a fan of Fight Club, Princess Bride, Star Wars, and the Last Mohican. Good movies, and good fight scenes (ones that I can handle, haha).

Allyx and Dan said...

Dude are you coming to Idaho this weekend? You better be.

Scott said...

I just spent the last hour or so going through all those fight scenes...or as they spell in Idaho/Utah "seens"...Good work. Your research is very much appreciated.

Maribeth said...

that poop head of a husband I have. He spent an hour of working time doing that and then comes home an hour later. What a punk.

melissa said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE you took the time to post ALL of those links. homo