Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spiritual Pimp-Slapp

I just listened to this today:,7341,538-1-61-1621,00.html
apparently I was wondering what the five fingers said to the face and President Hales had the answer..... but it couldn't have come at a better time. I'm no peter priesthood but hearing talks like this make me want to try harder to be the guy I'm supposed to be, instead of the idiot I am.... I admit I'm feelin like a total homo for posting church talks but this one was a kick in the face that I needed & if you haven't heard it you should.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Conquest or Capitulation?

In war these are terms of ultimate victory or defeat. They are definitive and summarize the efforts of both the defeated and the victors. Really when I think about it these two words define why we are here. Are we here to fight tooth and nail to attain the higher plane? or are we here to surrender our wills to one who uses machiavellian schemes to subvert and ultimately destroy our potential glory? Yeah, thats a little dramatic sounding... but really every freakin day is a struggle against those who would love to see us stumble.... realistically, we will not win every battle.... but most wars are won after a series of long bloody fights. Life seems to be an unending struggle for our very souls, the opposition is fierce, they want nothing more than to see us give up our wills and submit to their flawed ideology. Sometimes, if not most times, we tend to focus only on the defeats we suffer and by doing so, allow them bear us down to even further states of depravity.... but we must learn to keep the end in sight, regardless of the setbacks we suffer. Fortunately for us, we have a loving God at our backs and a Living Savior that sacrificed himself so that we can rise from our failings and stand at his side if we are but willing to humble ourselves and ask (not beg) for their forgiveness. God himself has given us (NOT just men) a restored priesthood that if called upon righteously has limitless power and authority. All of us have access to call upon it and NOTHING can stand in its way. We can't allow our setbacks to become our habitual faults.... correcting our mistakes and moving on with the knowledge, gratefulness, and respect that Christ suffered for our every stumble will help us to someday super cede the natural man. God will never abandon us! It's when we believe we are in our darkest hour he lovingly explains that it was never dark in the first place...we just refused to open our eyes.... even in the darkest night there are still stars... And you guys that know me know that I'm a potty-mouthed sinner, but like I said, this was all brought to the front of my mind through the stuff thats been going on the last few months & I know I have lots of work to do.... The Lord is good to me and I can say that all my trials and tribulations have been for my own good and experience. Some were easier to overcome than others but each struggle has taught me so much about how well God knows me. The refiners fire can be a crucible but we all need to remember the Lord will never tempt us beyond our strength to overcome. On the flipside the adversary also knows our faults and flaws and his machinations are precisely concealed and designed for us on an individual level to be our very own Trojan horses.... he's a conniving bastard that takes ultimate pleasure in our pain. So even though we don't always see it coming, we can prepare to deal with it so when we finally do recognize that we are already knee-deep in pissed off Greeks. We know who wins in the end, but it's enduring and how we deal with our setbacks that will lead us to our own personal glory or defeat.

The final victory is already decided.... so it's time to figure out if you want to be one who Conquered or one who Capitulated?