Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ten reasons we need to perfect cloning

1. Cloning me would make the world that much more awesome

2. Easier to repel Zombie's if we have armies of me and my frengs

3. Men wouldnt need women anymore.... <-- that statement is just a joke ladies... we would still need ya to cook us dinner.... bwahahahaha!

4. Ummmm spare parts.... like that movie The Island, except keep them in coma's so they don't get smart & escape & eff up your ability to replace body parts that crap out on ya.

5. I would, in effect, never die. but would my clone have my sense of humor/personality?? i'd hate to have a clone that wasn't up to par...

6. You could use your clone as a decoy (to go do dude stuff) and wives could also use them for tasks they don't like..... think about it.....

7. You could see what you would look like with tatoo's or cool scars beforehand. then self mutilate if it's awesome looking.

8. You could make your clone go to work for you on slow days & if spoken to just have him cough a lot & say he took too much dayquil.

9. Fodder for enemies whilst you beat a hasty retreat.

10. You could clone hot babes.

Why in the hell are they cloning sheep & the like when they could be cloning hot babes?? duuuh. nerd scientists wouldnt know what to do with them. Those freakin geeks need to put me in charge & I'll take that crap to the next level. I'd go all jurassic park & bring back some dinosaurs in addition to babes. So yeah, maybe I should have gone into science cuz those guys have zero imagination..... effing sheep....booooooorrrrinnnngggg!!! How about a T-Rex outside your bedroom window?? or takin the kids for Stegosaurus rides in the summer? awesome.

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