Friday, December 11, 2009

Homo Erectus Sinistre

People are funny.... I recently noticed that for the most part (emphasis on MOST PART) people only seem to want what they want until they actually get it... and I mean that across the board, whether it's material goods, affection, or even a lifestyle. Why is that?? is it normal?? and yes I am totally guilty of lusting for things and then once I attain them I lose interest quickly (video games is a perfect example) Is it that we are easily bored? or is it that feeling that you've got it, now it's time to find something better? Where is our ability to be content? how come we can't appreciate things more, especially when we've fought long and hard for them? It's weird hearing someone talk about their promotion yet complain that they felt they deserved better. Or watching a guy/girl finally get that person they were chasing just to lose interest once the chase is over.... it's effed up. Like I said, in no way am I perfect but I am disappointed in people in general regarding this. Another weird aspect is how people go bonkers when that thing/person/situation they took for granted finds new life elsewhere. It's crazy how quickly people all of a sudden appreciate something that they didn't give a crap about (but only because of an outside stimulus) Is it greed? selfishness? failure to fully appreciate blessings?? What makes us act so retarded? the last five or so years have taught me much, like making sure to actually think about why I want the thing in the first place, or what are the pro's and con's?? is it worth a long term investment or is it just a whim? My goal is to think it all through before I go all in. It doesn't always work though. But I've finally got a good grasp on recognizing what my motives/intentions truly are and what the possible consequences of my actions will be.... It's others motives/intentions that remain the enigma and based on experience I definitely lack faith in my fellow man to do the same. Does that make me bad/paranoid? I consider it self-preservation... thoughts amigos?

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