Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry F#*$ing Christmas Bia

Bwahahahaha!!!! noooo I'm not a grinch, just realized I DO NOT feel the holiday spirit this year. I used to LOVE everything about this friggin holiday but this year.... I loathe it. Long lines, bitchy sales people, evil item snatchers, efffff finding parking, and a million other annoyances. But honestly I know why I hate this particular holiday season and it's my own fault.... see... I usually have all my shopping done by October or November at the very latest. Due to a insane year of slavery a la office that didn't happen. So I've finally had to experience what my previous genius prevented.... and I hate my life.  Goal for next year : be done shopping by the usual time frame. orrrrrr bring a taser/tranquilizer gun with me so I can "take care" of all the problems I've experienced the last week or so.  I Matthew Stanley swear on the blood that I will never do my Christmas shopping in December again (unless it's for the next year) or may my blood boil and I give up my first born.... (or if I do everyone is getting gift cards) I am officially a roid rager & didn't know it until I was at target and people were everywhere and all I could think about was drinking some riot punch and going ballistic on the shovey rude people & kicking annoying demon childrens faces off. Yeah that's right... someone stole the jelly out of my doughnut. Anyways Merry Christmas friends. I hope ya'll weren't stupid like me.

I feel better now. and Happy Chanukah as well

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Daryn Blake said...

wow....sorry about your life Matt :/ Merry Christmas!!!!! :)