Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yeah, by the last few posts you might get the impression things are not so good for me.... quite the contrary. This happens to be a "in the moment" blogaritto that I sometimes vent on. Blessedly I am pleased to inform those that read this that, although the last year has been literally one of the craziest, most stressful, insane times of my life, I am also blessed a thousand times over. I have a job in this crazy economy, I have a warm home and enough to eat, I have a kickass family and totally awesome friends that support me, I have a solid relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ & God the father, I have my health, and soooo much more. There's ten times the good in my life than there is the bad.... Things at my job just got a heck of a lot better, personal trials have come to an end & the realization that you can only do your best is finally settling in this thick skull of mine. The problem is that I'm extremely hard on myself but for good reasons!! EX: should Jesus show up at my place tomorrow, I know I'm not who/where I want to be & shrink at the thought of that awesome yet possibly destructive meeting (by destructive I mean me being burnt to a crisp for being so wicked all the time). Each day is a blessing & we truly are lucky to be alive where we are/when we are. The silly little things I complain about on this are really just introspection or observations of things I see and need to apply in my life... when the trials pass I can come back and see how things turned out and where I went right/wrong. BUT if there's one thing I wish to express it's that everyday is a blessing, and also a trial. I suck at being peter priesthood, but I have a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it blesses my life every single day. For all the things (good & bad) that I've been through it's easy to see that it was all for my own good & I was able to extract the lessons/applications that were meant for me. I'm a very blessed person and hate to think I don't acknowledge that fact.  I still hate Christmas shopping though... it frickin sucks. Going to see Avatar tonight & I'm excited, Miss you frengs and hope all is well!

Peace & Joy to all my Homies,

Senor Stanley


Ruby Villain said...

Totally know what you mean about the venting. Everyone writes such happy blogs all the time that people just seem to expect that's what people should write about. But we as people have both positive and negative experiences, it seems fitting to document a little of each to portray the real us. Don't feel that you should censor your "venting." It's actually refreshing to read venting blogs once in a while.

Shar said...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Love you, cuz.