Monday, August 2, 2010

Nueva York, Weddings, and Mayhem.

So I wrote this huge post about my trip, my brothers wedding, and other stuff but then I realized it was lame so yeah, scratch that crap. People have been bugging me to post so here: Went to NYC in June, saw awesome friends & had a blast. Ate GREAT food again (Utah cuisine is goat crap in comparison) got training I've wanted for work so all in all it was a great trip (downside was terrible heat & constantly feeling like a sweat mop). Wedding- Bug (little brohelm) got hitched, he's happy, she's happy, so I'z happy. congrats, love you both, go make a nephew so I can have a sidekick (but seriously it was nice & I like Kelly & her family) mayhem? dunno where I was going with that. I've mostly recovered from the dirt-bike incident (new scar on my arm) and am about to possibly repeat it this weekend on another outing. Saw friends in Idaho, fun except scotty was missing *sad face, tears blah blah blah* I hope we all can get together again this fall though cuz I really did have fun seeing everyone on my expeditions this year. Anyways my life the last few months has been chaotic, exhausting, and all over the place. I work too much. I don't fish/camp enough. I miss my college buddies and brothers. I miss Jeb. But life itself is great, it just seems like there is never enough time to do all the things I need to or all the things I want. I assume it will be like this until I die...lame. My brother is going to have another kid & it better be a boy... I love my two little nieces but it would be so awesome to be able to have a nephew to teach awesome things like how to make dry ice bombs, or how to build potato guns, or just good'ol throwing rocks at cars. My nieces just want to do things like have tea parties or do girlie things.... the fact that I suck it up and participate for the happiness of two little girls doesn't change the fact that I feel like a gaylord the entire time. Maybe I'll just adopt my own kid? maybe train him to be my bodyguard/assassin? that would be awesome. Plus I would totally be an awesome dad. Who needs a mom anyways? they just make you soft and stuff... I bet Ivan Drago didn't have a mom & he turned out to be pretty awesome (anyone that can max out a Russian punch-o-meter is automatically awesome...even if Rocky beats them in the end) But besides more money, the only thing I feel like I would like to have is; more time to just do whatever I want. I want to travel more & spend more time abroad. I want to learn other languages and experience foreign cultures (how badass would it be to speak Chinese/Thai???). What I don't want: to constantly keep hear my elders and others say I'm "missing out on life" because I'm not married with children. Hell, they make it sound like it's something you can find on sale at freaking Target! seriously, what the hell? I've not sat around twiddling my thumbs all these years, I've had plenty of girlfriends, continue to date plenty & whatnot but it just ain't worked out. Sure it would be nice to have a family but when people then go and suggest I just marry a friend "because you get along so well".... what the eeeeefffff???  I totally call bullshit. I highly doubt you advice givers would have married your significant other if you didn't love them or want to get freaky with them. And for the record: I don't feel the need to do something just b/c it's the "norm" for our culture or just to check it off some predefined redonkulous list. Last time I checked there are no age regulations so please back off. I'll tell ya what....when I find a girl that is attractive, agreeable, and am retarded in love with, (and that happens to feel the same way about me) I'll seal the effffffing deal. Hopefully I'll still be fertile when/if it does happen, but if not... oh well. I've fought the good fight plenty of times & let slide opportunities as well but one thing is for sure.... although there are a couple things I would alter slightly I'm pleased with the choices I've made. I wouldn't be who I am today if I didn't have the good/horrible experiences I did & I'd much rather be alone and happy than married to someone I don't love, that would make me miserable. Epistle over. On an awesome note I got my dad the coolest fathers day present ever... only requirement... he gives it back when he dies. I bought this book about our family line in England that was printed in the 1800's its got excerpts from three of our direct ancestors. It has a bunch of history/stories about how badass they were as well as actual excerpts from their personal writings!!! I bet most people don't really think thats all that cool but whatev's, my great x 10 grandpappy probably ruled over yours sucka!! I now delcare Prima Nocta for all of Utah..... long live me.


Kevin and Paige said...

Hey Matt- How refreshing to read a guys POV on a blog. You're funny. You are so stinking young-don't listen to the terd malerds who tell you to get married 'just because'.Being married is amazing, but only if you're, like you said 'retarded in love'! Also, I like that you make reference to Ivan Drago. He had a wife who pushed him if you remember-maybe without her he would have been kind of a sissy. You could adopt a kid- girls would probably like that. =)

Anonymous said...

I always motivated by you, your views and attitude, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Thomas