Thursday, March 3, 2011

Music for the morning after

Ok... so there's not going to be any rant, but I mentioned it before so I felt the need to include that word. done. Sooo yeah, it's been a few weeks of recovery & reflection. Not easy, nor fun. That's about all I'd like to say about that. Anyways, Lately I've been rediscovering old music in my archive that may be old school but is still totally awesome. Just to name a few.... Remember Bush? totally still awesome. Metallica? still has a rage-fueled spot in my heart, Oasis? awesome. CCR? EPIC. Pink Floyd? always awesome... it's almost to the point where I feel like not even bothering with new stuff b/c the old stuff is still sooooo gooood. Maybe it's the nostalgia? Most of the songs have some mental picture/memory attached from a particular time/point in my life.. whether it's walking around campus at school, some girl, or even one of those moments where time stands still & you just realize that everything is not only "ok" but it's freakin perfect. Certain songs have certain memories, some good, some bad... but the fact that music can still dredge emotions out of someone ten years after the incident, or take you back to your childhood is amazing. It's especially nice when you're looking to escape from your current reality. Every time I hear Pink Floyd I think of our red minivan & our exoduses to Idaho every summer, images of golden wheat blowing in the breeze, swaying cottonwoods predicting a summer storm, the dust kicking bits of everything across the corral, my grandmas homemade milkshakes & my grandpas old truck, hell... even the smell of the place... it's all there, waiting to be unlocked from the vault of seemingly forgotten memories by a series of chords & words that throw open the floodgates & remind you of better times. Cheesy? yes. But true (for me anyways) I listen to music all the time & most of the time prefer the nostalgia to the "noise" that fills 90% of the day.... even the stuff that brings back the darker days reminds me even though the memories may suck, the music is still good & I got through it in the end. Also cheesy. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we didn't have electricity.... part of me wants to make back up vinyls & get one of those wind up record players so if the shit hits the fan I'll still have my music. I dunno, I guess I'm just feeling really sentimental lately. Or maybe I just forgot how awesome older music was/is/will continue to be. Think about it... and in the meantime think about this too... “When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.” I agree wholeheartedly with that quote... sometimes music stirs something inside you that has never existed & may never truly exist... except in that moment... creating a memory that your future self will recall as one of these "moments in music" that make what was, at the time an ordinary event, into something extraordinary that you felt was epic or pivotal. For example, when I listen to this It brings emotions to the surface... no not the  "I'm a weakling & gonna cry" type of emotions... I just feel this sense of something of epic proportions should be happening like a full scale battle or mortal combat between nemesis's ...or maybe it's just bipolar manifestations via delusions of glory & self-importance?? nah... more like awesome music doing it's job. Maybe that's a weird example but it's the only quick thing that came to mind. Another thought.. classical has a MUCH different impact on me than other types. I think guys like Mozart, Clint Mansell & ES Posthumus are inspired... can't say if it's divine but I sometimes wonder if they are truly God touched, or just savants, lacking in some areas whilst overly proficient in others... I don't know but music has been on my mind for weeks now... I love it... almost as much as I love breathing. End of epistle.

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