Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hunter Gatherer

Currently I blazed through the first 2 seasons of Sons of Anarchy.... if you are a male, watch it.... I guarantee you'll want to go buy the following 3 things 1. A motorcycle (preferably a Harley) 2. A big belt knife 3. A handgun. Also you'll probably want to quit your job, join a MC (motorcycle club) and start a life of crime. At least that's what happened to me. Workins for the birds... I want to ride around Nor-cal tearing stuff up & shooting rival gang members. OK...not really but my immaturity sure would like that. Also I've been getting in touch with my inner redneck & applied for various hunts this year. Turkeys & Deer... this is something I've never done & am a bit apprehensive about it... not about the shooting/stalking my prey part, but the part where I have to skin/gut/whatever you do once you've shot a wild animal... I consider myself outdoorsy & have camped/trekked all over the country but I already know that if I actually manage to kill one of those beasts I'll probably be like "uhhh sooo what now"? I have no clue how to do that stuff & I guess I better figure that out before I go killing (like Chuck Norris, I don't hunt... I kill) so we'll see how that goes. Side note: I spent 3hrs hiking up/through/down the Wasatch mountains in snow that was sometimes waist deep looking for Turkeys.... good exercise but overall a cold, wet, exhausting experience that resulted in us returning empty handed. We saw a female Turkey though... so I don't feel that cheated. Part of me wonders if I'm that guy that barfs if I have to do the butchering... Which led me to thinking, we've got it pretty easy these days, no messy bloody chopping beyond cutting the saran wrap off the packaged meat. And I, for one, admittedly I like it that way.. but I must appease my animal spirit & learn how to do this. Why? 1 part test of manhood & 1 part preparation. what if the proverbial crap hit the fan & the current system broke down? Knowing this crud could pay off/feed me. Also it's my weird dream to one day kill a buffalo with a spear on horseback so I think this is the first step to achieving that dream. Yeah, I know... totally weird... but for some reason I just have that desire & am gonna go with it. Just going on these little hunts has made me realize that it would have totally sucked to be a pioneer... that and the fact that they all probably smelled really bad too.. And not having electricity...barf. People that say they wish they lived back then are either stupid or delusional. Yeah life was probably more simple but life expectancy was half what it is today & I bet if you had a time machine & went back you'd be back to the future in no time... the past was only cool when we think about the big picture... wars, westward expansion, indians, exploration, etc... but the nitty gritty details of that life (poor hygiene, life expectancy, disease, famine, zero flushable toilets, nasty food, no hostess products, no coke, no dentist, crap doctors...) makes the reality of the past kind of a hygiene horror story to me. I know I could hack it but I'd rather not....one cold shower & I'd be back in the phone booth/DeLorean so instead I'll continue to be a modern man that dabbles in Davy Crockett-like behavior...while wearing deodorant.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Words of wisdom

It's about time I had another movie clip post.... here's some of the best advice the silver screen has to offer...
Enjoy (warning... some contain explicit material that may not be appropriate for minors/religious fanatics)

The Facts of Life
Johnny Quid
How to Slap a Man
This is Your Life
The Fountain (the entire freakin movie)
Words of wisdom from Heman
Words of wisdom from Mr. T

As always.... more to come.

Monday, April 4, 2011


These are the days when men cease to be Men.... yep, I made the first one lower case b/c guys today are little wimpy politically correct sissy men...This weekend I got to hear how "us" guys today aren't doing "their job" and people are wondering why.... and so my epistle begins...I was talking with a group of guys (late twenties) this weekend about changes in our society over the last 100 years & realized that we are a society of guys that are wimps.... even 50 years ago Men still existed in abundance but today's "man" is a far cry from that generation...  let me explain. The modern man is a gaylord. And not only because he wears tight pants & has girl hair (bahahaha.. modern mens fashion is a completely different topic) But because no matter what our elders tell us... the problem with guys today is that they are letting emotions/delusions rule them, when it should be cold hard logic (mingled with sprinklings of appropriate emotional responses). Yes I know I'm generalizing but in my view there's far too many fancy-pants peter-panning around chasing after dreams of glory & deserving fortune, but there is a extreme lack of ambition to achieve said glory & fortune.... it's like they feel like they deserve it so it should just happen, or mommy & daddy should step in & deliver that which was promised during story time.... we are a spoiled society where parents have given too much... children don't have to work for what they want anymore, and if they do.... they are "emotionally scarred & mistreated" .... It's like everyone has great expectations but doesn't get that you're going to have to work if you actually want to achieve them... there's a sickening sense of entitlement... like individuals are owed things based on their own delusions of grandeur or because they had an easy upbringing. Men of the past weren't that way... they fought and died in wars... they watched their children & wives starve... they bled for their bread & tightened their belts while handing their morsels to those they loved. Sadly, those days are dead.... the rise of the modern man has forever changed society & what was once something respected (masculinity) has become something to be reviled.... the stoic Man that was a foundation for all he supported has now become a emotionally driven dandy that's sense of entitlement & fear has driven us down to the dust.... people wonder why there are so many divorces.... I believe it's b/c of this fantasy land people live in... we watch television (knowing its not real) but are somehow deceived into thinking that the farce on the screen is how life should be/really is... well I've got news amigos... if it was, then we would all be millionaires with amazing looking wives/husbands & we'd all have perfect teeth/children/etc.... So where's my ferrari!!! am I saying that we should be heartless cruel people devoid of all emotion? of course not! but something has to change. Today's "man" is yesterdays boy... Real Men should use hard work, logic, and reasoning to determine how their life should be/go. Using emotion sparingly and openly but only when necessary. It's not "cold" or "heartless" to not say everything you feel every second... its smart. There are those that depend on others to be their rock/foundation. If you reserve yourself you will be better able to cope during times of crisis and step up to the plate & alleviate those fears with reasoning and iron will. If you're a blubbering wimp along with the masses you'll get no where fast. It's not like those guys don't feel pain or sorrow. It's that they are able to cope with it and not let it crush them. (modern psychologists call it "internalizing".... I call it "bucking up") They do what needs doing and take care of business, saving their grief, pain, sadness, or whatever for the appropriate time. Life isn't easy. But Men don't expect it to be. They just press on and do what needs doing. Sometimes emotions get in the way of logic & reason... it's not that they should be brushed aside, more like they should be bridled & let the solution come at the behest of the reality & not the fantasy of the situation. I'm not saying be a insensitive hardass that is devoid of all emotion... that's stupid... but take into consideration that YOU are the master of your domain & YOU are the one people are going to look to when the crap hits the fan. Be someone people can depend on, lean on, and count on for sound guidance in times of trouble. Yes we live differently now than before... it's not life or death on a daily basis... but the way we have changed is NOT healthy. And in no way am I blaming this on the feminist movement. Women are entitled to the same freedoms and rights as men & I believe that the person with the brains should get the job regardless of sex/creed/color. I love independent women! To be totally honest I find successful women insanely attractive (as opposed to intimidating). But men today are much more feminine & I don't think it's doing any wonders for our society.  Heck... look at what women today want in a man.... Edward the sissy sensitive undead vampire or uber groomed Zac Effron... which leads to my next point... what is expected of guys today? Women in our religion are taught to expect perfection and nothing less.... which is the opposite of what the guys are taught (just get married to a member of the opposite sex that breathes oxygen). The girls expect successful perfect men right off the bat and they should probably look like Brad Pitt to boot. The guys expect gorgeous women that will be perfect little Stepford wives.... It's like people don't get that you'll never find someone that is perfect, and that's why there are so many singles... Yes, I've dated girls that had things that drove me bonkers, but I totally understood (sometimes too late) that I have things that drive other people nuts too! That's life. I think finding someone you can love & be with forever is really finding someone where you recognize their flaws but they are insignificant when compared to their positives. Also someone that will stand up for their own beliefs/opinions while not stepping on others domineeringly. No one is perfect... and we shouldn't expect them to be. I'm not saying lower your standards to anyone!!! Just accept that you are an imperfect person and not the little lordling you think you are. Several of my past relationships hit bumps when either myself or the other party was unwilling to concede that fact & in time the relationship dissolved or suffered for it. Compromise & flexibility is VITAL for a relationship to work & I believe you should find someone that accepts you for you & expects the same in return... no pushing/harassing/controlling... just loving and accepting. Changes to those undesired aspects will usually result as both parties seek the greater good (although you should never, ever just marry someone hoping they will change... if you do, you'll probably end up disappointed). As for guys not being emotional enough.... well one day when things melt down for whatever reason (death in the family, loss of employment, strife) you'll be glad that you have a rock that can put aside his own grief/fear/pain to be the rock that says "everything will be ok" and actually mean it... because he knows he'll break his own neck to make sure you're taken care of & feel secure & safe. Not some wimp that will wail & moan beside you crying that all is lost & abandon ship. Real men don't ride the waves of emotion... they are the lighthouses that guide storm tossed ships back to port. And no.... I'm not this guy yet...nor am I pretending to be... but one day I hope to be. I lack in so many ways but I aspire to this paragon of Manhood... A caring devoted dude that sacrifices what is necessary to provide for others whether it's temporally, spiritually, physically, or emotionally.... without faltering or failing. so until I die, my resolve is not to seem the best but in fact to be the best... and that's entirely up to me to achieve.

p.s. I saw this website when looking for an Atticus Finch picture.... divine intervention