Monday, August 29, 2011

Time Travel, Emergency Rooms, and Radiation

Spent most of the evening in the hospital, I'd felt like crap & had some gnarly pain in my abdomen so I went to the Urgent care who gave me a shot in my butt, sucked what felt like a gallon of blood, and made me pee in a cup only to tell me they thought I had appendicitis & needed to go to the hospital.... sooooo went to the hospital, got stabbed for blood a bunch more, peed in another cup & got an IV (luckily they gave me something that made me feel nothing for the next few hours) Got felt up by a doctor, did CT scans & then waited for eternity just to find out they don't know whats going on... they think I passed a kidney stone or my appendix is preparing to start a mutiny?? weird. I thought modern science could narrow it down a little better.... but at least I don't feel any pain right now. And I also have the comfort of knowing that my scans didn't show any aliens or tumors so I guess the hellish pain ain't so bad compared to what it could have been. Another thing I learned... CT scans are expensive... but cool & look like small stargates (without the hieroglyphs & water-portal thingy) sadly, when you go into one you are not taken to another point in the universe with Kurt Russel... just bombarded with radiation & given commands from a robot on when/when not to breathe. Thankfully, they drugs they gave me pretty much  sent me on an intergalactic adventure. If that was a kidney stone I would hate to feel what it's like to have one that gets stuck b/c I was pretty miserable for two full days!! ugh. Anyways its' another indication that I'm not as invincible as I think I am....

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