Monday, September 26, 2011

Shelob bit me.

Sooooooooooo two posts ago I discussed my mysterious visit to the ER. Several days ago I found the creature in the picture (below) in one of my shoes & then found a smattering of it's babies & egg sacs.... grossness. As I was hunting for more of the beasts my brother & sister-in-law summoned me upstairs & were laughing. Upon inquiry they informed me that they initially thought I was a hypochondriac for my hospital visit but whilst reading the signs & symptoms of a bite from a black widow they realized it fit the description of my past malady almost to a "t". They thought it was super funny that many times people that don't know they were bit are mistakenly diagnosed with appendicitis b/c of the similar symptoms (see two posts ago)  I've been super paranoid that I had cancer or lymes disease or something b/c I had never felt that weird/way before in my entire life.  I also happened to have a big red welt on my foot at the time I went to the ER so there's no question that the frickin thing bit me. Weird. I'm almost glad I didn't know what it was at the time b/c I would have gone mental. But it's actually a little comforting that this is what happened & not the other crappy things I thought it might be. Fact: I'm terrified of being bitten by things that can inject you with venom. If I got bit by a snake I would probably just die from terror. The fact that I didn't even know I was bitten by the stupid spider makes me feel a little bit better but at the same time I find myself systematically checking all around my bed & in my clothes before I even consider getting into them. And I check all my shoes every night. Paranoia has got its firm grip on me until I'm 1000% sure there are no more beasts in my lair. Something awesome: I know my body can pwn spider venom. It took a solid 3-4 days for the pain/main symptoms to go away & I felt funky for a while after but I really didn't have any nasty side effects or issues after that. After much research I realized that 1. I need to re-do the weather stripping on my door so zero insects can get in. 2. cooler weather makes creatures want to enter your cozy abode 3. black widows like moisture & cool places like shoes so always check your shoes 4. each black widow egg sack can hatch several hundred babies (I found 7 egg sacs... 5.5 were empty... I burned the rest & hunted down others but am now vigilantly executing daily search & destroy missions) 5. although the bite from these beasts is greatly feared I'd be more concerned about the brown recluse bite, they cause much more damage & can actually mess you up royally, the black widow bite isn't really ever deadly & most people have zero problems/scarring. Bottom line.. spiders are still freaky & I'm still a hater. And it's totally worth going & buying that spray or having the orkin man come in his robot suit to destroy insectoids for you. This will never happen again. and here's a picture of the actual momma black widow that was in my shoe.....
My brother is going to invest it in plaster then cast it in metal so I can have it forever in statue form & also rest assured that it's death was as uncomfortable as my time dealing with it's chemical cocktail.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Strange Condition

I don't know what to do. Although currently it seems that there isn't much I can do other than what I already have. Life isn't a movie where people win in the end & get exactly what they wanted. Most real situations like mine tend to end in disappointment. Knowing what I know now I would for sure have done things totally different but thats the glory of miscommunication. Thats the glory of having agency. We get to choose how we react but we often don't get to choose how we feel. Right now I feel like I need guidance on how to deal with this but am not sure mere mortals have my answers. Ideally I'd like a time machine. Realistically all I can do is hope. Honestly I think it might be a lost cause. The funny thing is I have this mental image of what I should do but know that it is not realistic nor wise. Prudence happens to be a forte of mine, although notably sometimes to my detriment. Soooo all I can really do is hope for the best & what I would like, but continue to prepare for whats more likely & start moving on. It's a lot like this actually.... sans firearms of course.