Friday, December 16, 2011

Hohoho's & nonono's

Went to the Anberlin concert last night, it was awesome but freezing. They might be one of the best live bands I've heard in a while...I would definitely go see them if they show up in your town. Although be prepared to deal with an Emo Army.... Also picked up the Galaxy Nexus phone yesterday & so far it's freakin awesome.... Its fast, light, and everything I expected.... it happens to be my favorite thing in the world right now (the picture in this post is from the phone). Also found out my bonus & got a raise yesterday as well, it's been a nice few days. Lately some amigos & I have been attending xmas gatherings in the valley, turns out I love people watching more than ever! These things are prime time. It's typically like this... a billion guys show up & are all over the smaller # of girls, then all the guys leave due to the horrible ratio & within a short time the flood of girls starts to show up...and then cycle repeats itself. By the time the party is supposed to end its about even & a lot less crazy & gets fun b/c you can actually hear/talk to people without being millimeters apart. Also it's usually the same crowd every time so you think they would eventually figure this out? nooooope. It's like the movie groundhog day (with the exception that the locations & clothes change). Its ridiculously entertaining to me. The other part I like is bumping into people that I haven't seen in years/since college... totally random & sometimes totally awkward. Its funny though because when I see/talk to them I remember things that I couldn't have ever recalled without the interaction. There's a bunch more this weekend so we'll see if the cycle continues....

Anyways... I have been a bit too liberal with my ramblings as of late... I didn't think anyone really read this & really mostly write it as a way to get stuff off my mind but that = horrible idea thats taken more than 4 years & a reality check to realize. Sometimes I just don't think about stuff... with this I have always just written & never really thought of the implications... oops.  No more of that. I never realized the full scope of accessibility & stalkerism that occurs on the interwebs... I don't want to go private but removed most of my personal info & posts that said way too much about what goes on in my mind. Apologies.  I would hate to jeopardize my career, personal relationships, & other things for in-the-moment ramblings that can be misinterpreted & skewed to a readers whim. Or get my butt kicked by someone I offend. So yeah, I'm kind of having one of those "am I seriously that stupid" moments. Ooops.

Hope all is well amigos!

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