Friday, December 30, 2011


Soooo I'm headed to LA in a few hours to visit some long lost friends from college & celebrate new years. For years on end I've been preached to about the glories of we'll see if the the reality lives up to the hype....Last time I was in LA I thought it was one of the anuses of the universe. I have been assured this trip will change my mind... Should be fun though, warm weather, the beach, people watching at mormo parties, California girls, the ocean (which I still think is full of evil creatures/sharks), and whatever else they have planned. I've admittedly been anti for years but it's mostly because of how SoCal people are like Texas worshippers (but with more $$ & more pride) so maybe I'll have a change of heart. I'll probably post after I get back & even throw some pictures on here... in the meantime- Happy New Years amigos hope everyone had a good year!! And to all my married friends- Thanks for the Xmas cards, it really is good to see/hear from y'all!


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