Monday, July 23, 2012

Pioneer Day!

Haven't posted in forever... So far this summer has been the busiest summer in years, between dirtbike trips, dude trips, family trips, two soccer leagues, and a softball league I have been keeping myself pretty busy... It's chaotic but good, I can't believe it's almost the end of July! Tomorrow is Pioneer day which is basically round 2 of the 4th of July in Utah & I get the day off so it's automatically awesome. It's actually a pretty big deal here & the parade is treated like the Macy's thanksgiving day parade in NYC.... just with no huge ballon floats or tossing candy (new rule b/c "kids might get injured by thrown candy" <--stupidest thing ever...) so I guess it's more of a ghetto version? (for the record Spud Days in Idaho is still one of the best weird holidays ever) Soooo yeah, I love playing soccer again! Its something I've missed mucho & although my old geezer body doesn't function like the 20yr old whippersnappers I play with, I try to keep up. Basically I'm just glad that I don't get stiff/sore as hell for days after games. Fact: I'm not an invincible teenager anymore. My body doesn't heal quickly anymore. I am at war with my old injuries for control over my limbs. It's sad. It's depressing actually... it's like I'll have Alzheimer's any day now. On the bright-side it's gotten me in pretty darn good shape & I enjoy it ten times more than regular exercise. Work Basically I can't complain... I'm still an idiot & the Lord is still good to me. I have kinda been being a hermit again though... I find that as the years go by I'm less inclined to go out of my comfort zone & focus on other things like my garden & home repair to fill in the gaps between sports, work, and other obligations. I don't like parties, YSA activities & am now that awkward dude that doesn't really talk to anyone outside his established friends. I should probably work on becoming a miser too so I can be like that creepy dude on Mr. Kruegers Christmas (the way he says the kids name is creepy & haunts me). On a non-hermit note I really like the bishopric in my ward, I'm probably going to get booted at the end of the year but they are cool guys & I actually enjoy going to church (although I still don't really know anyone in the ward.... they are all like 18-24 & I feel like "that old guy") My bishop basically told me that he doesn't want me going to the family ward or the mid singles ward & is going to keep me in his ward until they say otherwise. I guess there's an abundance of mid singles (guys in particular) that go inactive once they get the boot. It kinda makes sense b/c although you kinda don't fit in YSA wards anymore you definitely don't really fit in the family wards & the mid singles freakshow is a nightmare. That said I still don't have too much in common with the people in my YSA ward. I am older than most by years & in a different place in my life.... so it's kinda a weird spot to be in right now. I guess I just go through the motions but I actually enjoy the peace I get from attending & also the needed the spiritual pimpslaps (I might also take wicked pleasure in the weird/ridiculous comments in priesthood/sunday school/sacrament & still looooooove testibaloney Sundays in singles wards). I need to keep changing myself for the better & have taken too many steps in the wrong direction lately. It's freakin hard though!! Every year I get more and more focused on self preservation & comfort and less inclined to go out of my way or comfort zone. So I guess I'm getting more selfish due to the selfish nature of bachelorhood... its hard not to though! but I do recognize this is like a creeping vine that can threaten to choke out the good parts of the garden.  It's easy just to keep doing what I've been doing & "coast" through life, avoiding the stuff that makes me stressed or uncomfortable all together... but if I continue I'll probably end up like creepy Mr. Kreuger... ugh.. "cllllaaarrriiiiissssaaaaaaa" *cringe* it doesn't change the fact that YSA activities are always so lame! Anyways, yeah... I need to stop talking & start doing. Like usual. Except I still probably won't go to ward activities.... New Goal- Read the BOM by Christmas. Maybe read the manual with it too... But it's been too long since I read the whole thing & I think I need it. I challenge anyone who reads this to do this with me & will take all challeneges/offers of recompense should I/you fail to complete it. So ping me if you're game. Anyways this is long. So Amen.

Funny story- Had chapped lips & my 3yr old niece pokes me & asks "Uncle Matt, You got the herpes"? where the heck does she learn these things???

Friday, April 27, 2012

I miss this guy....

Is it wicked to have a favorite prophet?? I just tend to feel like he was an everyday guy that said extraordinary things that always inspire me to do better when I hear/read/listen to them again... it's the same with Eyring... read the quote below today & it struck home. I'm not a peter priesthood or very churchy but for real miss hearing him speak...

“Faith in something greater than ourselves enables us to do what we have said we'll do, to press forward when we are tired or hurt or afraid, to keep going when the challenge seems overwhelming and the course is entirely uncertain.” -GBH

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Space time continuum

I always feel like I never have enough time. There's always more to do, not enough time to get everything done before other stuff comes up. I'm not complaining though, it's good to be busy & have things to do but sometimes I think I need a complete break from everything (vacation isn't an option right now) especially with the house, I have this huge list of to-do's and am currently tackling building a custom closet for the master & while it's light outside landscaping... the people that owned the house previously were the laziest gardeners EVER. On a side note.... read labels....especially when applying things like weed (and grass) killers... I accidentally nuked my entire backyard but on the bright side the whole backyard was one giant weed anyways. The awesome thing about having a Dad thats a master gardener is having a dad thats a master gardener... he's sat down & redesigned my yard with me & now we are amping up to start demolishing & rebuilding it to our specifications. It's going to have a lot less grass (makes it easier to maintain) and a lot more trees, shrubs, and cedar. I might end up having to lay sod over the whole darn thing because the existing grass is a mess & the yard is full of strange pits/lumps... it's like they had a caber toss or something... mowing is almost a contact sport. But yeah, if you can't tell I actually like this aspect of home ownership & look forward to having a badass looking yard that puts my neighbors to shame... or at least hopefully shames them into taking care of their lawns... but it's going to take a few weeks of after work slavery & weekend warrior marathons (as well as some $$ the trees I like are freakin expensive!) the interior of the house is thankfully in pretty good shape & I can hammer out most of that biz when it gets too hot outside to work. The other thing that I love is that it's all so distracting & keeps my mind off things that stress me out. Its therapeutic. The last 6months has been bonkers & I want to just purge it from my mind & this stuff is giving me an outlet to get everything back to the basics. Lately I've been missing my brothers that are far away & am looking forward to seeing them next month, I'm looking forward to going to see my cousin in NM in a few weeks, I'm looking forward to this summer... Life is good. My softball & soccer leagues started so I'm pumped to get outside & defend our title & hopefully do well in the soccer league as well. I am glad that I see what I have instead of what I lack... for some reason El Senor has mercy on this fool continually & I don't always feel like I deserve it. But I am grateful & need to be better about showing it. Church is still horribly boring but I find the peace & 3hours of mind clearing introspection refreshing. The last 12 months have taught me that Mick Jagger was right..*LISTEN*.... and I do way more than I realize/recognize... and speakin of the Rolling Stones... their old old stuff freakin rocks. And if you know what that picture above is from you are also freakin awesome.... peace homies.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Moving suuuuucks

So it's done... I'm moved (mostly) and in the process of unpacking & getting everything in order... it's the worst. I HATE moving & unpacking more than anything except onions & black widow bites. But I guess it's ok b/c it's a new step right? meh. I still end up going over to Morg & Kelle's everyday to see the kids & hang out. But it is nice to have my own space & absolute silence whenever I want it. The list of stuff to do/activate/change is eternal but I'm making progress... The neighbor lady came over & I'm pretty sure she thinks that my buddy thats living with me is my "partner" it was a weird conversation & I didn't understand what she was implying until I was already in my house... awesome. It's been an interesting few weeks & lots of stuff is going on. I'm too tired to get into everything but I'm glad things worked out with the house & I'm making progress on getting settled in. Work = chaos. Dating = also chaos... but in a good way. Life = good. I'll post pictures of the house & stuff once I get the art on the walls & stuff... Once this is all done I think it's extended vacation time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Madness

Nope... not talking about basketball... this month has been insane. Weird lawsuits with the house are tying up the title so I'm in this weird waiting game with the settlement date a week away.... everything else is solid, all repairs have been made, I'm prepping for the move & besides stress, fear, and anticipation I'm good to go. If not then I'll just start the search over.

Work has been nuts, I'm busier than I have been in a long time, and just went to AZ for a conference that was actually really good. I learned a lot & it's interesting to see how other firms use different applications/methods. But I'll avoid boring you to death with the nerdy details. While in AZ I got to see some amigos I knew from my time in NC & it was really good to see them again, they are doing well & have darn cute kids so it's always good to see old friends & especially those guys. They played a pretty big part in my life so it was good to catch up & also realize how important they were to me & my brothers. It helps that they are still hilarious too. But it was really good to see them. I saw another friend from school that I hadn't seen forever & she's doing well too, I couldn't believe it had been a few years since she moved from SLC but I guess time is starting to fly? is it that way for everyone? holy crap.. it's like every year speeds up more and more! Also went on a blind date that my cousin initiated, blind dates usually suck & I went in with the usual attitude about it.... Left extremely surprised. Really cool/fun girl & I ended up having a great time, we got together again before I left & round 2 was just as fun. Kudos to my cuz for knowing how to pick'em. Sadly the weather in AZ was terrible... it was colder there than here in SLC so it kinda sucked but I'd rather have that then death heat! I found myself thinking of weird stuff while I was there (probably from the benedryl I had to take b/c of all the pollen) like how I really really wanted to go exploring for the lost dutchmans mine/scorpion hunt.... retarded but I couldn't get over it. Next time I'm there I'm bringing a blacklite & old-timey treasure maps.... Overall a really good trip but I'm exhausted & playing catch up on all this work/house stuff so I am kinda flustered.

Lately I've been thinking about how blessed I am & how much I take for granted.... too much. I need to do better & try harder. I've been doing great but there's always more you can do right? I met my new bishop & he's pretty cool, too bad I get the boot in October & have to go to the other singles ward! But I get the feeling that he's going to let me hang around a bit more... hopefully. So I found myself sitting next to this guy in Elders Quorum... the night after I watch him at this thing He won & wasn't even beat up too bad @ church... It was kinda rad to see someone beat the crap out of a guy one night & see him at church the next day. Anyways not much else going on... another blind date this week so we'll see if it matches up to the last one & then a weekend full of catching up with amigos sooo yeah life is good & things are always getting better... I wish there was some way I could have a sit-down with the big guy & go over where/what/who and all the stuff he wants me to do... but I should be focusing on the basics & looking for opportunities to serve. I'm still waiting for my calling, I'd rather not teach but I'm surprisingly open to do whatever they ask. Anyways hope all is well & for you East Coasters & Texans.... it's time to come to Zion!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Divine intervention

So the hunt is almost over... I put an offer in & it was accepted... I'll post once the deal is sealed but it looks like I bought me a house (again) blessedly this one requires minimal work (they remodeled most of it last month but there's some stuff that I'll for sure fix) so I'll blah blah & post pictures once I actually close on it.... it's worth noting that this house is 2 houses away from my current residence so moving will be cake & I still get to see morg, kelle, & the kids all the time.... Life is good & the Lord is strangely looking out for me even though I'm retarded sometimes... but I'm grateful. So I'll hopefully post again in a week or so with an update... until then I'm praying that it's not a meth house or I don't get shanghaied.

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Hobby

So I've started upgrading things on my car myself & realized that you not only save a ton of money installing stuff yourself but you also learn a crapton about how to fix it when/if it breaks. I only wish today's engines weren't so computerized so I could dip into all that stuff. This week I put the pictured bumper on... took brute strength, a bit of skin/blood, and a few hours. Went pretty smooth & I actually had fun doing it. Had a few people lend a hand & besides a few hiccups & repeats it was fast. Next project is a roof rack. I'm thinking about getting an old muscle car that has a intact body & redoing the engine. I want to learn how to do that stuff & have been enjoying just learning about this stuff & then making it better. I'm thinking of getting an old SS or something but for now I'm going to keep tinkering with this FJ....

So besides me turning into a grease monkey life is good, I've been going to this ward & really like it. Good people & friendlier than any ward in Utardia I've ever been to so I'm probably going to stick around. Work continues to steal my soul & I still feel that between work & keeping up with my resurrected social life I don't have much time to sleep/do anything else. But I guess that's a good thing, time has been flying... it's freakin February!! anyways I got to see a bunch of my married amigos this weekend at the superbowl party we had @ my friends & I really wish we could all hang out more, I miss those dudes (and especially the ones that weren't there) I think we are going to start planning the next get together later this month. If not I'll probably start working on it anyways. Still lazily looking for a place but am going to start looking in earnest b/c there are several friends that are going to live with me so I've got to get going before they look elsewhere.... I'm looking forward to having roomates/tenants again. Plus these guys are mostly like me so it'll be on par with the good'ol days.

Did my taxes last week.... don't really even remember what my return is... and it's because the accountant we usually go to is an old guy that is pretty cool... this year I got the hottest accountant ever. I've seen her in previous years but never had any interaction... this year she came out to grab me & panic instantly set in...anyone that knows me knows that when I am retardedly attracted to a girl I tend to get so nervous I could literally puke... it's ridiculous. But this is one of those girls that makes my head spin (She looks like Bryce Dallas Howard but prettier). I've decided I'm going back & getting her number/asking her out but I haven't quite figured out how yet. I also failed to mention part of my cowardice is from my twin showing up & knowing exactly what I was thinking/feeling. His sinister/devious smile & mouthing things behind her immediately caused this terrible dread/fear to come over me that he was going to embarrass/humiliate me so my survival instincts screamed for me to flee....which I did as soon as possible. Soooo yeah, besides being a huge wuss, I pose this question... is it inappropriate to ask out your accountant? if not I'm for sure going back... my ego & honor demand it. Anyways hope all is well amigos!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Adios Sonata, it's been real. I will miss your mpg and darkness. I won't miss off roading on eggshells. Hello tank (and hello not so awesome mpg) I love both cars but the little ones days are numbered. Now I have to find a house (I probably should have done that first.. oh well) life has been crazy lately. I feel like I never have time to do anything, I'm either working or out running around with my amigos or house hunting/other biz. On the bright side time is flying, but that just means I'm getting older faster! Life is good... just hectic. I can't believe how fast my nieces & nephew are growing... I can't wait for my nephew to be able to be a real human & walk/talk. My nieces are hilarious so I imagine he's going to be similar. He's such a happy kid & rarely cries, it makes it easier to babysit him when all he likes to do is smile & crawl all over you. Those stinkin kids are whats making it hard to move. Mr. P can stand on his own & ghetto walk a few steps so he should be running around shortly. The girls are too smart for their own good & funny enough to make me give in to their treat oriented manipulations. I love being an Uncle to such awesome little terds. Anyways, this past weekend a bunch of us went to Mesquite NV to go dirtbiking & it was awesome. Warm weather, a little rain, and some really cool terrain around lake Mead/Valley of Fire. One of the nights they talked me into going to a buffet.... much to my regret. I watched my cousin consume over 30 lobster tails, lots of crab & other questionable food only to have it be ME that woke up at 3am & barfed my brains out.... no more buffets ever again... the food tasted good but obviously something sinister was in there.... The other 4 guys had no issues (except being gluttons) So besides the night of vomitus maximus it was an awesome weekend of nice warmness & motorcycle mayhem. Winter finally showed up here in SLC but it's still not even that cold/snowy, it's been a weird one so far. I've never minded the winter but really can't wait for spring b/c  I've got trips planned for Yosemite, Havasupai, and a few other places with a bunch of different people & I'm a little impatient to hit the road. I think & hope this is going to be a really good year....especially since the world is ending next December. So in the meantime buy ammo/gas so you can raid people that have food storage when the world goes all Mad Max Hope all is well amigos! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tabula Rasa

So Cali was unexpectedly awesome. LA is still nasty but the places we went were pretty great. The weather was weird though, it was foggy most of the weekend but it was ok with me b/c it stayed cool & didn't get super hot. The fiestas were fun & I actually ran into a lot of old friends so that was the icing on the cake. It was pretty hectic for most of the weekend but  I had a really good time! Also got a bunch of new clothes that I never would have bought if girls didn't pick them out & approve.... definitely branched out but thankfully avoided the hipster/hobo garbage. Turns out people there are ten times friendlier too. Yes there were douchers present but for the most part everyone was really nice & made me feel welcome. I definitely plan on going back. I totally think I could live there but! I still like the smaller city feel I've got in SLC. Who knows... maybe someday I'll consider it. So another city gets on my "places I would live" list. And hopefully I'll get back out there soon.

Soooooo 2011 is over.... what happened.. happened, and now it's time for a fresh start. Resolutions are crap... most people don't keep them... So I plan on continuing the regimen I've been kicking ass at it & adding stuff on. Commitment numero uno- Restore my former glory- I've been on fire for the last few months & it's time to get new pants again b/c I can only cinch up my belt so much. Also for the first time ever, I actually look forward to working out, it helps me get my mind off everything & challenge myself. I am more than half way to my goal & at the current pace am going to destroy it shortly. Next commitment- Get my own place asap. I'll miss living in the house we slaved away on & probably feel like dying b/c I'll miss my current housemates but I need to do this. Next- Keep my head up & stay the course. The past can't affect me anymore, this is my year to prove it. No more Mr. Doormat. No more being shy. No more hardcase. I've been getting out of my comfort zone & am surprised to find it's not as terrible as I thought/remembered (although sometimes it's a little nerve-wracking!). Next- Stay humble! I've been blessed... a lot. I try to show my appreciation every single day & recognize where the blessings come from so I don't turn into a cocky entitled douchebag. I need to be more considerate in what I say/do & how it affects others. Next- Take more risks... fortune favors the bold.... my calculated risks typically work but it's time to bite the bullet & see what I can get away with! Soo that's probably enough for now... Hope all is well amigos & that you had a most excellent time during the holidays...

Be excellent to each other