Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Adios Sonata, it's been real. I will miss your mpg and darkness. I won't miss off roading on eggshells. Hello tank (and hello not so awesome mpg) I love both cars but the little ones days are numbered. Now I have to find a house (I probably should have done that first.. oh well) life has been crazy lately. I feel like I never have time to do anything, I'm either working or out running around with my amigos or house hunting/other biz. On the bright side time is flying, but that just means I'm getting older faster! Life is good... just hectic. I can't believe how fast my nieces & nephew are growing... I can't wait for my nephew to be able to be a real human & walk/talk. My nieces are hilarious so I imagine he's going to be similar. He's such a happy kid & rarely cries, it makes it easier to babysit him when all he likes to do is smile & crawl all over you. Those stinkin kids are whats making it hard to move. Mr. P can stand on his own & ghetto walk a few steps so he should be running around shortly. The girls are too smart for their own good & funny enough to make me give in to their treat oriented manipulations. I love being an Uncle to such awesome little terds. Anyways, this past weekend a bunch of us went to Mesquite NV to go dirtbiking & it was awesome. Warm weather, a little rain, and some really cool terrain around lake Mead/Valley of Fire. One of the nights they talked me into going to a buffet.... much to my regret. I watched my cousin consume over 30 lobster tails, lots of crab & other questionable food only to have it be ME that woke up at 3am & barfed my brains out.... no more buffets ever again... the food tasted good but obviously something sinister was in there.... The other 4 guys had no issues (except being gluttons) So besides the night of vomitus maximus it was an awesome weekend of nice warmness & motorcycle mayhem. Winter finally showed up here in SLC but it's still not even that cold/snowy, it's been a weird one so far. I've never minded the winter but really can't wait for spring b/c  I've got trips planned for Yosemite, Havasupai, and a few other places with a bunch of different people & I'm a little impatient to hit the road. I think & hope this is going to be a really good year....especially since the world is ending next December. So in the meantime buy ammo/gas so you can raid people that have food storage when the world goes all Mad Max Hope all is well amigos! 

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