Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tabula Rasa

So Cali was unexpectedly awesome. LA is still nasty but the places we went were pretty great. The weather was weird though, it was foggy most of the weekend but it was ok with me b/c it stayed cool & didn't get super hot. The fiestas were fun & I actually ran into a lot of old friends so that was the icing on the cake. It was pretty hectic for most of the weekend but  I had a really good time! Also got a bunch of new clothes that I never would have bought if girls didn't pick them out & approve.... definitely branched out but thankfully avoided the hipster/hobo garbage. Turns out people there are ten times friendlier too. Yes there were douchers present but for the most part everyone was really nice & made me feel welcome. I definitely plan on going back. I totally think I could live there but! I still like the smaller city feel I've got in SLC. Who knows... maybe someday I'll consider it. So another city gets on my "places I would live" list. And hopefully I'll get back out there soon.

Soooooo 2011 is over.... what happened.. happened, and now it's time for a fresh start. Resolutions are crap... most people don't keep them... So I plan on continuing the regimen I've been kicking ass at it & adding stuff on. Commitment numero uno- Restore my former glory- I've been on fire for the last few months & it's time to get new pants again b/c I can only cinch up my belt so much. Also for the first time ever, I actually look forward to working out, it helps me get my mind off everything & challenge myself. I am more than half way to my goal & at the current pace am going to destroy it shortly. Next commitment- Get my own place asap. I'll miss living in the house we slaved away on & probably feel like dying b/c I'll miss my current housemates but I need to do this. Next- Keep my head up & stay the course. The past can't affect me anymore, this is my year to prove it. No more Mr. Doormat. No more being shy. No more hardcase. I've been getting out of my comfort zone & am surprised to find it's not as terrible as I thought/remembered (although sometimes it's a little nerve-wracking!). Next- Stay humble! I've been blessed... a lot. I try to show my appreciation every single day & recognize where the blessings come from so I don't turn into a cocky entitled douchebag. I need to be more considerate in what I say/do & how it affects others. Next- Take more risks... fortune favors the bold.... my calculated risks typically work but it's time to bite the bullet & see what I can get away with! Soo that's probably enough for now... Hope all is well amigos & that you had a most excellent time during the holidays...

Be excellent to each other


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