Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Divine intervention

So the hunt is almost over... I put an offer in & it was accepted... I'll post once the deal is sealed but it looks like I bought me a house (again) blessedly this one requires minimal work (they remodeled most of it last month but there's some stuff that I'll for sure fix) so I'll blah blah & post pictures once I actually close on it.... it's worth noting that this house is 2 houses away from my current residence so moving will be cake & I still get to see morg, kelle, & the kids all the time.... Life is good & the Lord is strangely looking out for me even though I'm retarded sometimes... but I'm grateful. So I'll hopefully post again in a week or so with an update... until then I'm praying that it's not a meth house or I don't get shanghaied.

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Hobby

So I've started upgrading things on my car myself & realized that you not only save a ton of money installing stuff yourself but you also learn a crapton about how to fix it when/if it breaks. I only wish today's engines weren't so computerized so I could dip into all that stuff. This week I put the pictured bumper on... took brute strength, a bit of skin/blood, and a few hours. Went pretty smooth & I actually had fun doing it. Had a few people lend a hand & besides a few hiccups & repeats it was fast. Next project is a roof rack. I'm thinking about getting an old muscle car that has a intact body & redoing the engine. I want to learn how to do that stuff & have been enjoying just learning about this stuff & then making it better. I'm thinking of getting an old SS or something but for now I'm going to keep tinkering with this FJ....

So besides me turning into a grease monkey life is good, I've been going to this ward & really like it. Good people & friendlier than any ward in Utardia I've ever been to so I'm probably going to stick around. Work continues to steal my soul & I still feel that between work & keeping up with my resurrected social life I don't have much time to sleep/do anything else. But I guess that's a good thing, time has been flying... it's freakin February!! anyways I got to see a bunch of my married amigos this weekend at the superbowl party we had @ my friends & I really wish we could all hang out more, I miss those dudes (and especially the ones that weren't there) I think we are going to start planning the next get together later this month. If not I'll probably start working on it anyways. Still lazily looking for a place but am going to start looking in earnest b/c there are several friends that are going to live with me so I've got to get going before they look elsewhere.... I'm looking forward to having roomates/tenants again. Plus these guys are mostly like me so it'll be on par with the good'ol days.

Did my taxes last week.... don't really even remember what my return is... and it's because the accountant we usually go to is an old guy that is pretty cool... this year I got the hottest accountant ever. I've seen her in previous years but never had any interaction... this year she came out to grab me & panic instantly set in...anyone that knows me knows that when I am retardedly attracted to a girl I tend to get so nervous I could literally puke... it's ridiculous. But this is one of those girls that makes my head spin (She looks like Bryce Dallas Howard but prettier). I've decided I'm going back & getting her number/asking her out but I haven't quite figured out how yet. I also failed to mention part of my cowardice is from my twin showing up & knowing exactly what I was thinking/feeling. His sinister/devious smile & mouthing things behind her immediately caused this terrible dread/fear to come over me that he was going to embarrass/humiliate me so my survival instincts screamed for me to flee....which I did as soon as possible. Soooo yeah, besides being a huge wuss, I pose this question... is it inappropriate to ask out your accountant? if not I'm for sure going back... my ego & honor demand it. Anyways hope all is well amigos!