Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Divine intervention

So the hunt is almost over... I put an offer in & it was accepted... I'll post once the deal is sealed but it looks like I bought me a house (again) blessedly this one requires minimal work (they remodeled most of it last month but there's some stuff that I'll for sure fix) so I'll blah blah & post pictures once I actually close on it.... it's worth noting that this house is 2 houses away from my current residence so moving will be cake & I still get to see morg, kelle, & the kids all the time.... Life is good & the Lord is strangely looking out for me even though I'm retarded sometimes... but I'm grateful. So I'll hopefully post again in a week or so with an update... until then I'm praying that it's not a meth house or I don't get shanghaied.

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