Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Madness

Nope... not talking about basketball... this month has been insane. Weird lawsuits with the house are tying up the title so I'm in this weird waiting game with the settlement date a week away.... everything else is solid, all repairs have been made, I'm prepping for the move & besides stress, fear, and anticipation I'm good to go. If not then I'll just start the search over.

Work has been nuts, I'm busier than I have been in a long time, and just went to AZ for a conference that was actually really good. I learned a lot & it's interesting to see how other firms use different applications/methods. But I'll avoid boring you to death with the nerdy details. While in AZ I got to see some amigos I knew from my time in NC & it was really good to see them again, they are doing well & have darn cute kids so it's always good to see old friends & especially those guys. They played a pretty big part in my life so it was good to catch up & also realize how important they were to me & my brothers. It helps that they are still hilarious too. But it was really good to see them. I saw another friend from school that I hadn't seen forever & she's doing well too, I couldn't believe it had been a few years since she moved from SLC but I guess time is starting to fly? is it that way for everyone? holy crap.. it's like every year speeds up more and more! Also went on a blind date that my cousin initiated, blind dates usually suck & I went in with the usual attitude about it.... Left extremely surprised. Really cool/fun girl & I ended up having a great time, we got together again before I left & round 2 was just as fun. Kudos to my cuz for knowing how to pick'em. Sadly the weather in AZ was terrible... it was colder there than here in SLC so it kinda sucked but I'd rather have that then death heat! I found myself thinking of weird stuff while I was there (probably from the benedryl I had to take b/c of all the pollen) like how I really really wanted to go exploring for the lost dutchmans mine/scorpion hunt.... retarded but I couldn't get over it. Next time I'm there I'm bringing a blacklite & old-timey treasure maps.... Overall a really good trip but I'm exhausted & playing catch up on all this work/house stuff so I am kinda flustered.

Lately I've been thinking about how blessed I am & how much I take for granted.... too much. I need to do better & try harder. I've been doing great but there's always more you can do right? I met my new bishop & he's pretty cool, too bad I get the boot in October & have to go to the other singles ward! But I get the feeling that he's going to let me hang around a bit more... hopefully. So I found myself sitting next to this guy in Elders Quorum... the night after I watch him at this thing He won & wasn't even beat up too bad @ church... It was kinda rad to see someone beat the crap out of a guy one night & see him at church the next day. Anyways not much else going on... another blind date this week so we'll see if it matches up to the last one & then a weekend full of catching up with amigos sooo yeah life is good & things are always getting better... I wish there was some way I could have a sit-down with the big guy & go over where/what/who and all the stuff he wants me to do... but I should be focusing on the basics & looking for opportunities to serve. I'm still waiting for my calling, I'd rather not teach but I'm surprisingly open to do whatever they ask. Anyways hope all is well & for you East Coasters & Texans.... it's time to come to Zion!!!