Monday, April 9, 2012

Moving suuuuucks

So it's done... I'm moved (mostly) and in the process of unpacking & getting everything in order... it's the worst. I HATE moving & unpacking more than anything except onions & black widow bites. But I guess it's ok b/c it's a new step right? meh. I still end up going over to Morg & Kelle's everyday to see the kids & hang out. But it is nice to have my own space & absolute silence whenever I want it. The list of stuff to do/activate/change is eternal but I'm making progress... The neighbor lady came over & I'm pretty sure she thinks that my buddy thats living with me is my "partner" it was a weird conversation & I didn't understand what she was implying until I was already in my house... awesome. It's been an interesting few weeks & lots of stuff is going on. I'm too tired to get into everything but I'm glad things worked out with the house & I'm making progress on getting settled in. Work = chaos. Dating = also chaos... but in a good way. Life = good. I'll post pictures of the house & stuff once I get the art on the walls & stuff... Once this is all done I think it's extended vacation time.

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Shar said...

Can't wait to see the new casa!