Monday, July 23, 2012

Pioneer Day!

Haven't posted in forever... So far this summer has been the busiest summer in years, between dirtbike trips, dude trips, family trips, two soccer leagues, and a softball league I have been keeping myself pretty busy... It's chaotic but good, I can't believe it's almost the end of July! Tomorrow is Pioneer day which is basically round 2 of the 4th of July in Utah & I get the day off so it's automatically awesome. It's actually a pretty big deal here & the parade is treated like the Macy's thanksgiving day parade in NYC.... just with no huge ballon floats or tossing candy (new rule b/c "kids might get injured by thrown candy" <--stupidest thing ever...) so I guess it's more of a ghetto version? (for the record Spud Days in Idaho is still one of the best weird holidays ever) Soooo yeah, I love playing soccer again! Its something I've missed mucho & although my old geezer body doesn't function like the 20yr old whippersnappers I play with, I try to keep up. Basically I'm just glad that I don't get stiff/sore as hell for days after games. Fact: I'm not an invincible teenager anymore. My body doesn't heal quickly anymore. I am at war with my old injuries for control over my limbs. It's sad. It's depressing actually... it's like I'll have Alzheimer's any day now. On the bright-side it's gotten me in pretty darn good shape & I enjoy it ten times more than regular exercise. Work Basically I can't complain... I'm still an idiot & the Lord is still good to me. I have kinda been being a hermit again though... I find that as the years go by I'm less inclined to go out of my comfort zone & focus on other things like my garden & home repair to fill in the gaps between sports, work, and other obligations. I don't like parties, YSA activities & am now that awkward dude that doesn't really talk to anyone outside his established friends. I should probably work on becoming a miser too so I can be like that creepy dude on Mr. Kruegers Christmas (the way he says the kids name is creepy & haunts me). On a non-hermit note I really like the bishopric in my ward, I'm probably going to get booted at the end of the year but they are cool guys & I actually enjoy going to church (although I still don't really know anyone in the ward.... they are all like 18-24 & I feel like "that old guy") My bishop basically told me that he doesn't want me going to the family ward or the mid singles ward & is going to keep me in his ward until they say otherwise. I guess there's an abundance of mid singles (guys in particular) that go inactive once they get the boot. It kinda makes sense b/c although you kinda don't fit in YSA wards anymore you definitely don't really fit in the family wards & the mid singles freakshow is a nightmare. That said I still don't have too much in common with the people in my YSA ward. I am older than most by years & in a different place in my life.... so it's kinda a weird spot to be in right now. I guess I just go through the motions but I actually enjoy the peace I get from attending & also the needed the spiritual pimpslaps (I might also take wicked pleasure in the weird/ridiculous comments in priesthood/sunday school/sacrament & still looooooove testibaloney Sundays in singles wards). I need to keep changing myself for the better & have taken too many steps in the wrong direction lately. It's freakin hard though!! Every year I get more and more focused on self preservation & comfort and less inclined to go out of my way or comfort zone. So I guess I'm getting more selfish due to the selfish nature of bachelorhood... its hard not to though! but I do recognize this is like a creeping vine that can threaten to choke out the good parts of the garden.  It's easy just to keep doing what I've been doing & "coast" through life, avoiding the stuff that makes me stressed or uncomfortable all together... but if I continue I'll probably end up like creepy Mr. Kreuger... ugh.. "cllllaaarrriiiiissssaaaaaaa" *cringe* it doesn't change the fact that YSA activities are always so lame! Anyways, yeah... I need to stop talking & start doing. Like usual. Except I still probably won't go to ward activities.... New Goal- Read the BOM by Christmas. Maybe read the manual with it too... But it's been too long since I read the whole thing & I think I need it. I challenge anyone who reads this to do this with me & will take all challeneges/offers of recompense should I/you fail to complete it. So ping me if you're game. Anyways this is long. So Amen.

Funny story- Had chapped lips & my 3yr old niece pokes me & asks "Uncle Matt, You got the herpes"? where the heck does she learn these things???